Oil Drilling Rig For Sale

We are looking to sell a ZJ20(XJ650) Drilling Rig Package. It is a mechanical rig capable of drilling to 2500m (3 1/2” DP) and was purchased new by our company for work in the Kyrgyz Republic during the period 2007-2012.  We offer the complete ready-to-drill package including rig, support vehicles and camp as well an extensive suite of ancillary equipment and spares.  Please see the attached photos. A detailed equipment summary is available on request.

The rig was upgraded to meet western drilling standards as part of a contract with Santos Ltd in 2009. In total it has drilled only 10 wells over a 5 year period so is relatively new and a rigorous maintenance schedule has been maintained since the rig ceased work.  The rig is located in the southern Kyrgyz Republic and close by a rail depot enabling it to be mobilised efficiently to many destinations on the former Soviet rail network or even to port facilities for international transport.

Please contact Ted Leschke via email (tleschke@equusmining.com) if you have an interest buying this ZJ20(XJ650) Drilling Rig Package.